Art mixer provides local networking opportunities

The Arts Council of Wichita welcomed Wichita artists to The Museum of World Treasures for a networking opportunity. All art enthusiasts were welcome at the mixer, and each one spoke about expanding our parameters with art. 

Ethan Caylor, owner of E. D. Caylor, strives to “make candles that smell like memories, not just perfume.”

Caylor sells his handmade candles by cultivating connections with people. In addition to selling candles through his website, he reaches new customers through email lists, outbound phone calls and partnerships with other stores.   

Caylor meets with his top customers once a month to chat and catch up. One in particular buys a couple thousand dollars worth of candles around Christmas.

“They want that personal connection with where their money goes,” Caylor said. 

In 2018, Caylor realized his dream was to tell stories and memories through candles. His favorite story is about his rose-scented candle. 

“I had a vision,” Caylor said. “I’m sitting there on the stone patio of my chateau, in a chair, sipping juice with the love of my life right beside me, early in the morning, watching the sun come up over the roses.”

Caylor’s dream in life is to own an estate in France and live his vision. The rose candle reminds him of that. He explained that many of the rose scents are actually rose distillate. He wanted to make a candle that smells exactly like the scent of sniffing a fresh rose. 

To his right, Alex Johnson, a well-trained bassoonist, elaborated upon how Classical Revolution, a chamber music organization, aims to widen the scope of classical music to outside of stoic settings. 

“… It (classical music) does not have to be at Century II, it can be at a brewery, and it can be a casual experience—and it can be fun!” says Johnson. 

Beginning in Revolution Cafe in San Francisco by Charith Premawardhana, Classical Revolution is a chamber music organization with many other chapters in North America and Europe. The mission of Classical Revolution is “to bring classical music to unexpected venues and to expand people’s definition of classical music,” according to Johnson.

To show that classical music is not just for symphonies and theaters, Tor Brewing hosts Bach and Brews. Johnson plays monthly at Tor Brewing and will be at the next event on Dec. 23, along with the Wichita State Flute Quartet. 

Johnson also plays for The Delano Chamber Players and Hutchinson Symphony.

Stacee Olden, developmental director of the Orpheum Theatre, and Shannon Boone, house manager of the Orpheum Theatre acknowledged the importance of experiencing classical music in more readily-available, casual venues. 

The Orpheum Theatre offers many music and theater performances to enjoy. The last film of the 2023 Anniversary Film Series at the Orpheum is “Die Hard” and will be showing this Thursday, Dec. 21. 

Other events for the Orpheum Theatre planned for 2024 include “Mania: The ABBA Tribute,” “Johnny Cash – The Official Concert Experience” and “The Psychology of Serial Killers” by Clinical Psychologist Rachel Toles.  

More events hosted by the Arts Council of Wichita can be found here.

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