Bluesky opens to everyone as social media battle heats up

Bluesky, a new social network set up by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is now allowing anyone to set up an account, having been invite only since its inception in 2022.

The Twitter clone already claims to have three million users, though it doesn’t yet offer direct messaging between posters.

One of its big plusses, claims the company, is that users eventually will be able to migrate their friends and followers and also data to other networks through its AT Protocol, though this facility is not running yet.

Currently, Bluesky also defaults to posts shown in a linear timeline of things a user chooses to follow Twitter-esque algorithm-driven timelines though there is an option for these to be included.

Bluesky said it wants to be “ the last social account you’ll ever need to create.”

Facebook owner Meta last year launched its alternative to X/Twitter, which has since racked up 130 million users.

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