Bugle Questions If He Should Feud With Spragga Benz To Sell Music

With Dancehall disputes trending this month, singjay Bugle is pondering if he should feud with a contemporary to bring attention to his music. 

The Anointed artist posed the thought to Spragga Benz on Instagram amid the current lyrical dustup between entertainers Teejay and Valiant

“A wonder if mi need fi seh sumpn negative bout Spragga suh we can go at it for a few days and sell some records, since we both putting out albums this year,” Bugle wrote before satirically adding, “caz it look like this is the new way of selling music.”

Benz responded with laughing emojis, but fans didn’t see the humour in the sneering proposal.

“I think that would make people listen your music less because NOBODY is looking for any form of controversy from either artist; myself included, ” one person wrote. 

“Yourself & @Spraggabenz3 feed souls, not egos – huge difference,” another said.

“Passing fad. Your route will take you much farther in the long run.”

Comments echoing the ideology that “Rasta nuh mix up inna bangarang” ensued, supported by several “veggie chunks Rasta, no beef” remarks. 

Prior to the Uptop Camp Boss and Sir Fada Dipo clash, Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don came to lyrical blows, which lasted over several days. The saga saw artists like Sean Paul, Anthony B and Mr. Lexx sharing their thoughts, and rapper Asian Doll rehashing her issues with Kingdom

Clash tunes aside, the month has also seen an online playout of rifts, like producer Rvssian going at it with Kyle Butler and Sir Crime Minister; and Teejay getting into it with Romeich Major, Damage Musiq and Popcaan.

January has also seen relationship headlines like Beenie Man proposing to his girlfriend Camille McIntosh, and his ex Krystal Tomlinson getting engaged shortly after.

All things considered, some netizens say the month has no space for a Bugle-Benz beef. 

“Due to the high levels of internet beef, we are unable to accommodate your request at this time,” one user told Bugle. “Please note that you have been added to the waitlist for the month of February with a high priority. We appreciate your patience as we continue to serve you.”

Another user questioned the legitimacy of the public fallouts, noting, “Jamaicans jus love e f**kry and nyam up anything. Obvious seh nuff a dem thing ya planned.”

Speaking of teaming up, Bugle released a Benz collaboration called Hypocrite Love three months ago.

Produced by Unga Barunga, the song sees the Rastafarians promoting uprightness while navigating a society that can sometimes be two-faced. The music video has more than 100,000 views, with comments lauding the track’s positive message. 

“These guys are bringing back the great authentic reggae music,” one comment read. “Jah music will never dieeeeeeeeee.”

“Now this is what I call good music that reveals and cleans the heart.”

Another chimed in, “It’s impossible to find words to rate this incredible combination.”

Bugle’s latest release is Heart Too Clean featuring Chaps, the feedback for which supports his belief that good music needs no accompanying mess.

“Good Music Is Always Gonna Win,” he wrote in a recent Instagram post. “17 years Now Mi buss And Still a Maintain With Good Positive Music. Jah Blessings 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿✅”

His fifth studio album is slated for release this year, a follow-up to Toxicity (2021). 

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