C. Tangana responds to Jordi Évole if a collaboration with Rosalía is possible at this point

C. Tangana has been the first guest of the new season of About Évole and his talk has helped us get to know Pucho better, who has had no filters when it comes to talking about addictions, therapy, ego and many other topics that not everyone dares to talk about on television.

At one point in the talk, Jordi Évole She has confessed to Tangana that she had made a bet with a friend about the couple that appears on a park bench at the beginning of the video clip for Tú me noste de amor. It was her moment to introduce the topic of Rosalia.

We all remember that there was a time when they were a couple. “There was a time when it was like that all the time”, acknowledged the singer. And Évole confessed that he had lost the bet because he had assured that the boy and the girl from that bank were Tangana and Rosalía.

This is ‘Late Checkout’, C. Tangana’s clothing brand

“I have never been with Rosalía on a bench in Madrid, in a park, well, I have been on one. But I have never been in that attitude that they are, sharing music on a mobile”, admitted Tangana who, however, did agree with the interviewer in the fact that he considered it nice that two artists who later became so powerful on the scene coincided at an embryonic moment in their careers.

Is a collaboration possible?

“I think we are not at the same level. The impact that Rosalía has had is much greater than what I have had, especially internationally. That’s obvious, I don’t think it’s the same,” he acknowledged about the dimension that both careers have had after their separation.

Évole asked him the amount that a record company would have to put on the table for them to make a song together. “The other day he told me Rafa Arcautehe told me not long ago, in some studios in Madrid. Anything can happen in life“, he said to the joy of many who still dream of that collaboration that, for his part, he does not rule out.

That would be a bombshell in the industry. Although, for now, Tangana is still here and Rosalía has settled in the United States where she is enjoying her current relationship with Jeremy Allen White. But it is already known that to make music there are no distances.

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