Coachella 2024 gets sad ticket sales update

We’ll see if things pick up soon.

Coachella’s popular music fest is starting slowly regarding ticket sales.

In fact, it’s the slowest it’s been in 10 years, SF Gate reports. After going on sale Friday, January 19, tickets are still available. That’s not normal.

Coachella ticket sales are slow

This is pretty rare because, normally, they sell out quickly. Like, real quick.

The lineup this year features No Doubt as a headliner. Also performing is Doja Cat, Tyler the Creator, Lana Del Rey, and more. It’s not known if concertgoers just aren’t thrilled about the acts coming to the stage or what. After all, these bands do have massive followings, though they’re not the biggest artists out there.

In previous years, getting Coachella weekend passes was like scoring a golden ticket to Wonka’s chocolate factory. It took some luck and perseverance, with some fans waiting hours in virtual ticket queues. Tickets sold out in 40 minutes in 2015 and just four hours in 2022.

However, ticket sales didn’t get snatched up quickly last year either. It was two days until they sold out.

A little difference this time compared to others is on the website; it lets people purchase up to eight tickets instead of just two, like in previous years. Even with this effort, it’s very lackluster.

So, is Coachella losing its appeal? After all, there are other options when it comes to concerts. Or, again, maybe it’s the bands. Who knows…

The festival is set to run from April 12-14 and then April 19-21.

At this rate, Coachella may not sell out this year.

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