Council Members, artists and local businesses who contributed to the mural pose underneath it.

Leader of the Coucil, Claire Holland stands with artists in front of the mural.

The event was attended by key figures, including the Leader of the council, Cllr Claire Holland, Cllr Diogo Costa, representatives from the Brixton Project, Luis Leandro da Silva, Consul General of Portugal, and influential members of the local Portuguese-speaking community and businesses (pictured right).

Celebrating Contributions and Cultures

This mural is a focal point within the Vauxhall Night Time Enterprise Zone (NTEZ) initiative, supported by the Mayor of London and Lambeth Council. The project comes in response to feedback from local Portuguese-speaking residents and businesses that they wanted to see the council recognise their contributions to the area. More than just a landmark, the mural highlights and celebrates the substantial contributions of Portuguese-speaking communities to the local business landscape. It will highlight the area’s unique local culture to new residents, workers, and visitors. 

Public Art for Vibrancy and Economic Support

Public art projects like the mural will bring fresh vibrancy to the area after dark and help local businesses by making sure the area is an attractive place to visit and stay. This mural project is a collaboration between The Brixton Project and artists Eduarda Craveiro and Alex Bowie. It symbolises unity in diversity and aligns with Lambeth’s commitment to celebrating local communities. The artists engaged with over 100 residents from 9 countries in a co-design process to create the mural’s final design. The mural reflects themes participants said were important to their cultures and includes symbols from Portuguese-speaking countries worldwide.  

Local Business Engagement and Representation

Local businesses were also actively involved in the project. The artists engaged with local Portuguese-speaking business owners and customers, hearing about how they create a unique local culture. The final mural design represents elements of local businesses, for example featuring the fado guitar displayed in pride of place at The Three Lions.  

Cllr Claire Holland, the Leader of Lambeth Council, said: “This is an important project for Vauxhall which has one of London’s most dynamic LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as being a diverse neighbourhood with significant Portuguese speaking and Black African populations.

“It’s proving to be a great opportunity to boost evening trade, work with employers to tackle poverty pay by encouraging the take-up of the London Living Wage, and celebrate the diversity that makes Vauxhall so unique and celebrated.”

NTEZ Approach: Engaging with Local Businesses

The project shows the NTEZ approach of proactively engaging with local businesses and delivering work that matters to them. It also shows how businesses can participate in cultural celebrations to strengthen their ties with the community and tap into the diverse market that Lambeth proudly represents. 

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