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Last Updated: 2024.01.18

“Curated by Tate” 2024 Spring/Summer UT Collection – First UT collaboration with Tate features four T-shirts with iconic artworks by artists in Tate’s collection

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UNIQLO graphic T-shirt brand UT announces the launch of “Curated by Tate”, the first collection from the partnership between UNIQLO and Tate, which began in 2016. Based on the concept “Play is for everyone,” these newest additions to LifeWear showcase four striking, bold pieces of artwork that embody the spirit of play. The collection will be available in Japan from February 2024.

Partnership with Tate
Together, UNIQLO and Tate have connected millions of people through art and culture, championing a shared belief in art and play for everyone. The partnership began in 2016 with UNIQLO’s support for the opening weekend of the new Tate Modern. Following this, between 2016 and 2020, UNIQLO Tate Lates engaged new and diverse audiences in London with a series of free late-night events. In 2021, the partnership evolved to support the creation of UNIQLO Tate Play, a free family program that enables people of all ages to get creative, learn, and playfully explore art together. UNIQLO is delighted to have extended its partnership with Tate through UNIQLO Tate Play until 2029.

“Curated by Tate”: A focus on artworks that embody the spirit of play
The first collaborative UT collection between UNIQLO and Tate, “Curated by Tate”, features four artworks from artists in Tate’s collection.

  • ‘Draw Hope’ is an artwork full of playfulness by Bob and Roberta Smith, an artist, writer, musician, and advocate best known for his brightly-colored ‘slogan art’.
  • ‘Boats’, with its striking red and blue lines, is an artwork by sculptor and printmaker Nicholas Monro, whose witty and playful graphic images were inspired by the Pop Art movement’s colorful comic works.
  • ‘Orange and Red on Pink’ by abstract artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham boldly expresses a love of life through its celebration of color, texture, energy, and vibrancy.
  • ‘Antennae with Red and Blue Dots’ by Alexander Calder, the creator of the moving sculptures known as ‘mobiles’, is a representative work from an artist known for breathing new life into contemporary art.

Overview of the “Curated by Tate” UT collection

Launch date : February 2024
Product lineup : “Curated by Tate”
MENS T-shirts, 4 total designs, ¥1,500
Store availability : All UNIQLO stores in Japan and the uniqlo.com online store

Product images

  • Bob and Roberta Smith

  • Alexander Calder

  • Nicholas Monro

  • Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

About Tate Modern
Tate Modern is the world’s most popular museum of modern and contemporary art. It is free to visit and open to all, welcoming millions of people each year. The museum’s collection displays span 100 years of art by renowned artists from around the world, presented alongside a diverse and international program of exhibitions, commissions, and events. Tate Modern is part of a family of four Tate galleries around the UK alongside Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives. For more information, visit www.tate.org.uk

© Bob and Roberta Smith, © Tate 2024
© 2024 Calder Foundation, New York / DACS London, © Tate 2024 
© Estate of Nicholas Monro, © Tate 2024 
© Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust, © Tate 2024 

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