Cuura Space: Fusion of furniture and art in Valentine’s Day collaboration with Kar Wai Chan

SHAH ALAM – Local online furniture retailer Cuura Space has recently unveiled its new art installation ‘Creating Shared Connections’ in collaboration with the renowned local artist Kar Wai Chan.

In an exhibition held on Feb 2, Cuura Space was set to transform the traditional concept of showcasing furniture, combining Nordic-inspired designs and the romance of Valentine’s Day with Kar’s latest series ‘Cupid Rhapsody: Way Back To Love.’

Known for its exclusive online approach to offering Nordic-inspired furniture directly to customers, Cuura Space has revolutionised the furniture industry by providing a seamless online shopping experience, eliminating on-ground and middle-men expenses to offer customers the most competitive prices.

Backed by a 30-day return policy, along with complimentary installation and delivery services, the brand prioritised customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

The furniture retailer also facilitated firsthand experiences through collaborations with venues and partners for exclusive showcases in and around Kuala Lumpur.

Cuura Space founder and chief executive office (CEO) Benny Lim said his team were looking forward to change the way people view furniture, literally and metaphorically.

“We normally view furniture as just things, objects you expect to find at home, but in truth, they offer so many opportunities for connecting and improving relationships.

“By displaying these pieces alongside Kar’s artwork, we’re aiming to showcase these opportunities for connection… something relevant during February since Valentine’s Day is this month,” he said.

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Kar, a self-taught artist has garnered attention in the art world for her vibrant tapestries that depict various aspects of life.

Her artwork has been exhibited alongside renowned brands such as McLaren and Lamborghini and has been showcased at prominent events like F1, highlighting her distinctive skills.

Presenting her latest series at an exhibition centred on the theme of Cupids, Kar delved into the multifaceted nature of love, fittingly complementing the atmosphere of February.

Malaysian artist Kar Wai Chan.

Malaysian artist Kar Wai Chan.

“There is no one shape of love — platonic, romantic, healthy and unhealthy — it comes in all shapes and forms.

“The Cupid series examines the many forms love can take and how it can exist between people, or even for memories and events.

“Even the exhibition method is centred around that, the paintings display the shapes of love and how it connects us, while the furniture exhibits highlight how these connections are formed,” she said.

Exhibition visitors can also enjoy a unique purchase with a purchase offer when they visit from Feb 3 to Feb 29.

The collaboration also aimed to connect the audience with the brand, showcasing furniture in a manner that was both creative and accessible, not only highlighting the aesthetic appeal but also the quality of the works on display — both in terms of artwork and furniture, spotlighting pieces such as:

The Elsa, a three-seater L-shaped sofa in crips white;

The Amber, a four-seater sofa in cheery yellow;

The Willia, a modular three-seater sofa, available in clean white, warm orange, or a soft spring green;

The Tutha coffee table, a low-seated, table in minimalist white;

The Verra dining table, a refined Sintered Stone table available in sizes S, M, L, and XL;

The Abater bed frame, a solid wood frame which boasts a soft Bouclé upholstery, and is available in sizes Queen and King.

Visit the exhibition throughout this month at SWOL Cafe, Bangsar for an unforgettable fusion of art and furniture, as Cuura Space and Kar redefine the boundaries of creativity in the world of interior design.

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