Discover Bluesky, new social network

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -Have you heard about Bluesky, the new social network created by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter? It’s starting to gain attention and is now open for anyone to create an account and join the service.

Before Tuesday, getting an invitation was necessary to join Bluesky, but now it’s open to everyone. During the invite-only phase, Bluesky focused on developing moderation tools and other features to ensure a safe and engaging user experience.

Bluesky shares similarities with Twitter, although it currently doesn’t offer direct messaging between users. However, it does provide more customization options, giving users the ability to tailor their experience. The platform displays posts from accounts you follow in a linear timeline, but you can also opt for algorithm-driven timelines created by other users. While Bluesky handles its own moderation, it plans to introduce alternative moderation schemes that users can choose from in the future.

One interesting aspect of Bluesky’s vision is that it aims to allow users to move their collections of friends, followers, and other data to other social networks, promoting a sense of user freedom and choice. This concept, known as “federation,” is not without its challenges, but Bluesky is determined to explore this path.

Bluesky uses a federation algorithm called the Authenticated Transfer Protocol, which is different from the popular ActivityPub used by other platforms like Mastodon. Bluesky argues that the Authenticated Transfer Protocol offers advantages over ActivityPub, such as easier account transfers and additional features.

So, if you’re looking for a new social media experience with customization options and the potential to explore other platforms in the future, Bluesky could be worth considering. It’s an exciting development in the social media landscape, and we’re curious to see how it evolves and captures the interest of users like you!

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