Exploring Noah Kahan’s path from TikTok fame to Grammy nomination and collaborative triumphs

By Jasmine Lee
Staff Writer

Since releasing the deluxe edition of his original album “Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever)” on June 9, Noah Kahan has consistently collaborated with beloved artists, much to the delight of his fans who can’t seem to get enough.

According to Boston Magazine, Kahan, the American singer-songwriter, is recognized for his pop music infused with folk elements. His songs explore themes of claustrophobia, emotional introspection and the challenges of self-discovery in a New England small town, where he resides with his parents and dogs.

In a recent announcement, Kahan shared the exciting news of his nomination for Best New Artist for the 2024 Grammys on various social media platforms. Fans worldwide are ecstatic about their once-small indie pop artist making a significant mark in the music industry.

Kahan rose to prominence through TikTok, where his 2022 album “Stick Season” garnered widespread attention. Over two years, Kahan teased snippets of the track “Stick Season” on the platform, building anticipation and excitement among both existing and new fans for the album’s release and future projects. Upon its release, “Stick Season” marked Kahan’s first album to chart, debuting at No. 14 on the U.S. Billboard 200, according to The Eagle.

Since then, Kahan has released a deluxe version of “Stick Season” and has been re-recording these songs with collaborations from several well-known artists, such as Gracie Abrams, Hozier, Post Malone, Lizzy McAlpine and Kacey Musgraves. 

Kahan recently released a new rendition of “Everywhere, Everything,” with Abrams on Dec. 1. Among the tracks on “Stick Season,” this song stands out as one of the most romantic, exploring themes of love enduring until both are laid to rest. Adding a female vocal enhances the storytelling, and the harmonies at the end create a sense of a couple destined to be together until they are food for the worms to eat in death. 

Before teaming up with Abrams, Kahan caused a stir online with his collaboration with Irish folk singer-songwriter Hozier on Nov. 10 with the re-recording of “Northern Attitude.” Hozier’s voice in this song is simply natural, a refreshing breeze for the soul. His Irish scream adds an emotional depth that awakens and gives the listener goosebumps. This song immerses the listener in the world Kahan envisioned when creating it. Hozier truly transformed it into something extraordinary.

Since July 18, Kahan’s fans have been eagerly riding the collaboration train, savoring every moment of the journey. It all began with his first collaboration with the renowned rapper Post Malone, marking the inception of this collaborative musical adventure.

Kahan began collaborating with Malone on a rendition of one of the tracks within the deluxe edition of the album called “Dial Drunk.” Despite the initial surprise of merging rap and indie-folk, this unexpected collaboration proved to be a match made in heaven. Malone’s seamlessly fitting verse complemented the established theme and storyline perfectly. After all, Kahan’s fans do call him “Folk Malone” for a reason.

Teaming up with McAlpine, Kahan breathed new life into “Call Your Mom” on Sept. 15. The acoustic instrumentals and Kahan’s falsettos seamlessly blend with McAlpine’s vocals. Impressively, the song’s lyrics remain untouched, as both artists sing directly to the person, preserving the emotional impact. Their collaboration highlights a compelling synergy, maintaining the original mood of the song.

After a hiatus and featuring on Zach Bryan’s “Boys of Faith,” Noah Kahan resumed collaborations. He teamed up with Musgraves, releasing a reimagined “She Calls Me Back” on Oct. 6. Similar to his Malone collaboration, Musgraves adds her twist, portraying the girl’s perspective in the heartbreak narrative. Her contribution skillfully depicts the other lover who has moved on, adding an intriguing layer to the song.

With his genuine indie-pop musical style, Kahan has captivated the hearts of countless listeners, creating a connection that resonates with people and fosters genuine affection. Anticipating the artist’s continued growth, his supporters look forward to witnessing him evolve and further inspire his audience with his captivating musical expression.

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