Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Reminisces About Early Days As Platform Hits 20-Year Milestone

Two decades ago, a group of Harvard students, including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, founded Facebook, a social networking platform that enabled Harvard students to connect. 

Facebook quickly became a global social network, and it is today one of the world’s largest businesses. 

Mark Zuckerberg celebrated Facebook’s 20th anniversary with a throwback 

Mark Zuckerberg released a handful of postings commemorating Facebook’s 20th anniversary, reminiscing the humble beginnings of his worldwide enterprise. 

On Sunday, the billionaire posted a screenshot of his Facebook profile page. The simple profile page featured Zuckerberg’s passport-sized photo as well as information such as his address, hometown, and date of birth. Zuckerberg captioned this shot, “My Facebook profile from 2004.”

What did Zuckerberg has to say?

On February 4, he posted a video on Instagram depicting how Facebook evolved into Meta Platforms throughout the years. While sharing this video, he commented, “20 years ago, I started a thing. Along the process, we met a lot of fantastic individuals and built some more awesome stuff. We are still at it, and the best is yet to come.” 

How did people on the internet react?

This post has received more than 3.7 lakh likes so far. Notably, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012.

In the comments, Facebook’s Instagram account replied, “Love you, Dad.” 

An Instagram user praised Zuckerberg’s business, writing, “He was and still is, probably one of the best minds on the planet right now.You have no idea how many enterprises you have unknowingly created. They have aspired to be someone like you. You have instilled in the brains of young people the will to succeed in life.” 

He also posted a throwback picture on Instagram. Check it out.

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