Founder of Black-Owned Social Media Network, WeKinFolk, Celebrates 1.5 Million Visitors in Three Years

Ernest L. Manning, Founder of WeKinFolk

NationwideWeKinFolk, a digital diaspora is the online platform that celebrates over 500k site visits in 2023. It was launched in 2020 by IT Expert, Ernest L. Manning, fueled by his desire to celebrate Black culture and provide a launching pad for start-ups to grow their businesses organically. To date, the platform has seen over 1.5 million visitors and is supported by scores of active users who make daily posts.

Touted as the Black Facebook, WeKinFolk is rooted in Black culture and combines all the latest and best features of the most popular platforms to provide a one-stop shop for everything Black. Users engage the platform to connect with friends and family, share moments and inspiring messages, and promote their businesses.

With scores of dedicated followers and its magnetic appeal to startups, WeKinFolk is on a fast track to achieving its mission of becoming the go-to social media platform of the Black culture.

Ernest L Manning, the CEO of WeKinFolk, is excited about the growth and success of the platform. He encourages people to sign up, “If you’re a Black influencer and you’re not on WeKinFolk, then it’s your time to join and engage with us.”

Far from the average social media platform, WeKinFolk is an empowerment hub for its Black users Members treasure the exclusivity and freedom of expression without fear of judgment or backlash. One user summed up his overall experience with WeKinFolk. He said: “My wife and I are moving away from mainstream social media. I want something more personal and private. So I am asking my close family and friends to join me here. Let’s make the village feel more like a village and make the ancestors proud.”

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