Hip Hop artist teams with woman seen on WWL Louisiana to feed the homeless

Tiffany McGary-Cyprian was featured in a story about the Project Blessings All Year Round Organization.

COVINGTON, La. — When WWL Louisiana told the story of a Slidell mom dying of cancer, who could not afford to travel for a clinical trial, Tiffany McGary-Cyprian was watching, and soon showed up at her children’s home, giving them presents to open on their first Christmas without their mom.

Later, when McGary-Cyprian saw a Covington family struggling to afford the basics, as they cared for a mother with cancer, who was nearing the end, she did it again, raising money to pay bills and showering them with everyday needs and gifts. 

And this time, a viral hip-hop artist from New Orleans was watching.

“Well when I saw it, it really just touched my heart. I’m all for the people, and I see how active she is in the community. And I was like, you know what, I got to team up with that lady and make something happen. And she was open to it, and it’s an honor. I’m here. We here,” said the recording artist, Daniel Heartless.

McGary-Cyprian started Project Blessings All Year Round Organization. She searches media and the web for people in need, then makes it happen. Heartless said he wanted to help the homeless under the interstate on Claiborne Avenue. She said she’d bring all the blankets, toiletries, and supplies. He brought the food. 

McGary-Cyprian brought her son.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling when you can put smiles on people’s faces,” said McGary-Cyprian’s son, Adrain Fairley. When asked if he was following her legacy, he replied, “Yes ma’am. I’ve been doing this since I was three years old.”

McGary-Cyprian survived breast cancer. She also survived Hurricane Katrina. That’s why she does what she does.

“We lost everything, and there [were] people there for us. So, I just know that at some point people need somebody, even if it’s just to talk to you. Never know how you can help them,” said McGary-Cyprian.

And she doesn’t just talk. She takes action, like taking the house she and her husband bought for retirement one day, and letting homeless veterans live there.

“Now my husband buys properties, and he renovates them, and then we use it for shelter, and housing for people that are displaced.” She explained.

“I was following her. I was keeping up with her, and I saw the good deeds she was doing.”

“And if you have a heart, who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that,” said Heartless.

When asked if he realizes his mother is extraordinary, Fairley answered, “Yes ma’am. I hear it every day, and it’s just a wonderful feeling.”

One homeless man said their actions were a blessing for him, and put a smile on his face. That was the goal from the beginning.

“It’s raining. We gonna give you a reason to smile. It’s all about giving back, you know,” said Heartless.

For more or to donate to Project Blessings All Year Round Organization.

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