IMAHICA ART presents CONSCIOUS CREATIONS: A Sustainability Art Show and Business Mixer in Collaboration with BNI Iconic

As a pioneer in artistic innovation and environmental consciousness, Imahica Art presents its exhibition, Conscious Creations, a captivating showcase of artworks which commenced with the Opening Reception and Business Mixer on January 27, 2024. This showcase of exceptional artworks will run up to February 11, 2024, at the Imahika Art Gallery.

The exhibit, Conscious Creations, introduces a diverse array of artworks, spanning from repurposed sculptures to eco-conscious installations and paintings inspired by the environment. Each piece conveys a compelling message, underscoring the significance of sustainability and the essence of mindful living. Visitors embark on an immersive experience where imaginative expression seamlessly intertwines with a profound commitment to sustainability.

At the heart of Conscious Creations are 15 distinguished artists who transcend traditional conventional artistic boundaries. Their creative journey explores the significance of discovered and profound objects, celebrating the inherent beauty of recycled, discarded, and eco-friendly materials, and challenging preconceived notions about their worth. Featured artists include Arnel Garcia, Dante Palmes, Eden Ocampo, Hausmotors, Ivy Marie Apa, Jurg Casserini, Maria Pureza-Escano, Melanie Libatique, Melissa Yeung-Yap, Michi Calica, Ram Mallari, Russell Balajadia, Sam Penaso, Valen Valero, and JunkNot (Willie Garcia x Maan Chua).

Here are just a few of the artworks that will be on display in the gallery until February 11, 2024:

This exhibit is a collaboration between Imahica Art and BNI Iconic Construction Group. During the opening night and beyond being an art show on sustainability, the collaboration hosted a business mixer, with Steph Naval, Executive Director of ARCADIA as the keynote speaker. The Business mixer covered topics such as Making Conscious Choices of Construction Materials and Limiting Construction Trash. A second mixer is slated for February 3 and will feature Joey Bondoc of Colliers Philippines as the keynote speaker, who will delve into topics on sustainability and smart technologies.

Conscious Creations unfolds as a captivating exhibition, seamlessly blending the realms of imaginative expression and environmental mindfulness. Within its diverse showcase of artworks, the exhibition illuminates the transformative power of art, positioning it as a catalyst for positive change. From the ingenuity of re-purposed sculptures to the thought-provoking resonance of eco-conscious installations and environment-driven paintings, each piece resonates with a profound message, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and conscious living.

The exhibition transforms mundane elements into a celebration of renewal and transformation, fostering a deepened connection to the human experience. By perceiving discarded objects as symbolic mirrors, the artists provide poignant insights into moments of feeling scarred and overlooked, fostering empathy and understanding.

Imahica Art Gallery: 2A Lee Gardens, Shaw Blvd., Wack-wack, Mandaluyong City

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