Invitation for Digital Artists to Participate in Life-Changing Collaboration between Palm Foundation and ZsONAMACO

To participate in this initiative, artists need to mint their artwork on the Palm Network, a blockchain platform designed for art and creativity.

The Palm Foundation and ZsONAMACO have joined forces to launch the 2024 Digital Art Initiative, providing an exciting opportunity for digital artists to showcase their talent at the esteemed ZsONAMACO art fair. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between digital innovation and traditional fine arts, offering recognition and exposure to emerging digital artists.

ZsONAMACO is the largest art fair in Latin America and has been a prominent platform for modern and contemporary art for two decades. With over 70,000 attendees last year, this art fair attracts art collectors and enthusiasts from around the world, providing an ideal stage for artists to display their work.

The Palm Foundation, dedicated to supporting marginalized communities in the web3 space, is partnering with ZsONAMACO to empower digital artists. Through the 2024 Digital Art Initiative, artists will have their artworks exhibited to a global audience, connecting them with key figures in the art world.

To incentivize participation, the Palm Foundation is offering a $4,000 grant to the artists whose artwork receives the highest number of votes from the Palm Collective. This grant serves as both a financial reward and recognition for the exceptional talent and contribution of the artists to the digital art community.

Selected artworks will be showcased at the ZsONAMACO art fair, taking place from February 7th to 11th in Mexico City. This exhibition provides artists with unparalleled exposure and the opportunity to establish themselves in the art market.

The collaboration between the Palm Foundation and ZsONAMACO celebrates the 20th anniversary of the art fair and also tries to support emerging talent in the digital art field. By granting artists without gallery representation the chance to exhibit at a prestigious art fair, the initiative opens doors for them to connect with potential buyers and gain recognition in the industry.

How to Be a Part of This Opportunity

To participate in this initiative, artists need to mint their artwork on the Palm Network, a blockchain platform designed for art and creativity. Comprehensive step-by-step guides are available to assist artists in the minting process. Once the artwork is successfully minted, it must be submitted to the Palm Collective for review.

A curatorial committee consisting of Direlia Lazo, Glam Beckett, and Superchief Gallery will review all submissions and select three to five artworks for display in the Palm Collective booth at ZsONAMACO 2024. Each curated artist will receive a $500 grant as a token of appreciation for their artistic achievements.

In addition to the curatorial committee’s selection, the Palm Collective vote will also play a crucial role. The artworks that receive the highest number of votes from the Palm Collective will be awarded an extra $1,500 grant by the Palm Foundation, further recognizing the outstanding talent and creativity of the chosen artists.

The submission period for the initiative opens on January 17th and closes on January 28th. Following the submission period, a three-day curation period will allow the curatorial committee to carefully review and select the artworks. The Palm Collective booth at ZsONAMACO will then be open to the public from February 7th to 9th, during which the Palm Collective vote will take place to determine the winners.

It is important to note that participating artists will retain full ownership of their intellectual and commercial rights to their artwork. Additionally, artists will have the option to choose from various commercial platforms if they wish to sell their NFTs (non-fungible tokens), providing further opportunities for exposure and financial gain.

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