Local business Rage City Vintage provides artists space to showcase talent

In a shopping center in Anchorage, artists of all kinds and ages are jamming out to all types of talent at Rage Vintage City.

From spoken word. To jokes from comedians with belly aching laughs. To an array of artists playing guitars.

“Part about opening the shop is about supporting local entrepreneurs, but also being a safe space for people of all ages and being a sober space,” said Emily Hill, co-owner of Rage City Vintage.

Local artists are thrilled to have a space just for them.

“But I also want to be able to be a part of that open mic experience. Plus, it’s all ages and I think that we are severely lacking in all ages venues, specifically open mic options in Alaska,” says Pepper Kit. 

“I think it’s super important to have special spaces where you’re able to like come out and showcase your artwork,” said Garrett Hermansen. 

“Really cool place. And I was just very ecstatic with all the people and how welcoming everyone was,” says Matti Ray Harvey. 

“And I heard that they were going to have their first open mic and I thought, Oh, great, and another new place to do stuff,” said Brian Hutton. 

“And I think I’ve frequent in this place already. So the fact that they’re doing stuff like this is great for everybody in the community,” says Bryan Otten. 

And some people enjoyed open mic night here at Rage City Vintage.

“I was looking for a sober space to see some live music,” said Adam Jay. 

To learn more information on the monthly open mic night and other events at Rage City Vintage, you can visit them on social media.


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