M-ART’s Post-Opening: A New Hub for Crypto and Art Collectors Officially Presenting

Insta Norma

Insta Norma

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Insta Kaola

Experience a Metaversal Journey: M-ART Transform Art with a Fusion of Tradition & Digital Innovation, Showcasing International Talent and Award-Winning Artistry

MIAMI, FL, USA, December 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following the anticipated debut during Miami Art Week, M-ART, the Metaverse art show is open to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. The surrealist metaverse environment merges the traditional with the digital, offering a year-round immersive art experience to be aligned with the world’s elite art fair calendar.

A Showcase of International Talent and Award-Winning Art

M-ART proudly features a diverse array of artists, each bringing their unique vision to the virtual world.

Highlighting the event was Norma Duncan, the recent Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022/23 winner for Art & Design Brand of the Year 2023. Her NFT collection and Emotionism-ART brand have set a new standard in digital art expression.

Romanian artist Kaola Oty captivates with her exotic and erotic artwork, offering a pictorial journey that tantalizes and challenges the viewer.

Legendary photographer James St-Laurent transforms landscapes and objects into visual emotions, capturing the soul in every frame.

Chantal Cavenel, cineaste and music producer is another star attraction at M-ART, she presents a vibrant digital collection of multisensorial artwork, immersing the audience in a symphony of sight and sound.

F.man, a Belgian artist known for her global efforts in empowering women and promoting world peace. Her multisensorial artwork is a must-have for discerning collectors, embodying the spirit of contemporary art.

“For me, M-ART is more than an exhibition; it’s a meeting point for crypto and art collectors seeking to enhance their portfolios with both digital and physical masterpieces in an immersive, surrealistic, and fun environment. M-ART allows for the acquisition of unique NFTs and original physical artworks, bridging the gap between the digital and tangible art worlds.” – Visionary entrepreneur, Johnessco Rodriguez

People can experience M-ART in four simple steps:
1. Navigate to spatial.io.
2. Create your account for access.
3. Customize your avatar for a personalized experience.
4. Search for ‘M-ART | Art Fair’ and discover artists.

M-ART remains open throughout the year, unveiling events, new galleries, and artists, continually enriching the M-ART community experience.

Innovators and Art fanatics can embrace this unique fusion of art and technology, joining a vibrant community of artists and collectors, and getting their own gallery exhibition in M-ART.

A New Era in Art Trading Has Begun!

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