Marketing Mentorship Platforms

Sprout Social has unveiled an exciting addition to its virtual community platform, The Arboretum. This new platform has brought a new mentorship program tailored to social media and marketing professionals. This initiative aims to facilitate meaningful connections and foster professional growth within the industry.

The mentorship program at The Arboretum is designed to pair participants with mentors or mentees based on their networking objectives and shared interests. Through one-on-one mentorship, individuals can gain valuable insights, guidance, and support from experienced professionals or contribute their expertise to help others navigate challenges and achieve career goals.

“The Arboretum mentorship program will change the career trajectory for social media professionals around the world,” said Kalee Williams, a Social Media Strategist at Atlassian. “Social media is still a fairly new craft so mentorship opportunities can be hard to come by within organizations. Having a mentorship program within one of the top tools in the industry is brilliant.”

Image Credit: Sprout Social

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