Mesker Park Zoo Selling Paintings Created by Several of Its Animals

Christmas is literally days away (as of this writing) and if you’re struggling to find a unique gift for the last few people on your list, Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden may have exactly what you need.

Mesker Park Zoo Selling Art Painted by Animals

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you have an animal lover on your list, or maybe an art lover. Better yet, an animal lover who also loves art! The Zoo’s chapter of the American Association of ZooKeepers recently announced on Facebook it is selling paintings that have been done by some of the animals in its care. According to the post, the paintings were created by red pandas, tenrecs, red-ruffed lemurs, and even Rupert the Rhino. The animals use their paws, mouths, and noses to create their masterpieces.

The paintings range in price from $25 to $50 with all proceeds staying with the Zoo so they can continue to provide care for the animals they house.

Possible Collector Items

While the post doesn’t specify which animal painted which picture, many of the pictures shared feature Rupert the Rhino’s name in either the lower right or left corner. Those could be considered extra special considering Rupert is no longer living at the zoo. Earlier this Fall, he was relocated to San Diego Zoo Safari Park for a very important job — to breed with their females.

The zoo announced back in August that Rupert had been selected for what I assume is a rhinoceros’s dream job thanks to being one of the most “genetically valuable Indian Rhinoceros males in (the) North American zoo population.”

[Source: Mesker Park Zoo AAZK on Facebook]

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