Music Retailers Can Now Sell with Reverb, the Largest Online Marketplace to Buy and Sell Musical Instruments, Automated with ChannelEngine

Leading global ecommerce integration places Cosmo Music on the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments.

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  ChannelEngine, a leading ecommerce marketplace integrator connects brands and online retailers with the largest online music marketplace, Reverb, dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments. 

Reverb has played a pivotal role in Cosmo Music’s marketplace strategy for an extended period. During our search for a marketplace partner, we encountered hesitancy from other players in the aggregator space when it came to integrating with Reverb,” says Jim Cover, Vice President of Ecommerce from Cosmo Music. “ChannelEngine stood out with its clarity and transparency, expressing a strong desire and intention to seamlessly incorporate Reverb into its marketplace ecosystem.”

By focusing on inspiring content, price transparency, musician-focused ecommerce tools, a music-savvy customer service team, and more, Reverb has created an online destination where the global music community can connect over music gear.

“Within a remarkably short span of time, Reverb seamlessly became an integral part of the ChannelEngine ecosystem,” continues Cover. “The agility demonstrated by both the ChannelEngine and Reverb teams was truly inspiring, underscoring their commitment to facilitating a swift and efficient integration process.”

Niche marketplaces show promise with a projected growth trajectory, especially within the broader landscape of ecommerce trends. The rising trend of increased specialization characterizes niche marketplaces, catering specifically to industries, products, or services. This approach fosters a more customized and concentrated experience for buyers and sellers alike, contributing to the overall growth dynamics within the evolving e-commerce sector.

Retailers can start selling with ease on Reverb with ChannelEngine. Music retailers can link your systems with Reverb and multiple other marketplaces today. Request a demo of ChannelEngine’s Integration with Reverb here:

About ChannelEngine:
ChannelEngine’s story began in 2013 when we saw an opportunity to connect ecommerce businesses with global marketplaces. We built the most complete marketplace integrator and now we facilitate the sale of over 11 million products on 700+ online sales channels. By integrating with multiple marketplaces and ecommerce platforms, retailers and brands can sell their products to millions of consumers worldwide, boosting online visibility and increasing revenue.

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