Preview Of Living Arts Of Tulsa’s Holiday Art Market

It is December which means it is time to get serious about Christmas shopping.

For those looking for a unique gift this year, Living Arts of Tulsa is holding its Holiday Art Market where more than 25 artists will be showcasing and selling their work.

Carlos Bejarano is the curator of the show and a featured artist. “I tend to focus a lot on really vivid colors,” he continued saying, “I kind of just use it as like a de-stressor for myself and let my mind wander and let that take over the canvas.”

Bejarano describes his pieces as being abstract art and said the Holiday Art Market has everything from paintings, to ceramics, to metals, wearable art, and even cookie art.

“You are not always given the opportunity to display your art, or it can be really hard to get your name out there,” he said. “Having an opportunity to do that in one space for two days is wonderful.”

Not only can the public shop from local artists, but they can get to know them better. “You get the opportunity to talk to the actual artist and find the inspiration behind that piece or their method for creating, which I think makes it more meaningful to purchase from them,” said Bejarano.

That goes both ways as the artists are also given exposure. “You can share if you have a website or if you have an Instagram,” Bejarano added.” It is going to allow you the opportunity to connect with people and really put your art out there for others to see and share.”

So, whether a shopper leaves with a new centerpiece for their living room or a handmade card for a friend, even the smallest purchases make a big difference to these creators.

“Your dollars stay local, and you are supporting a local artist in your community,” said Bejarano.

The Holiday Art Market is from 6-9 p.m. during First Fridays on December 1st and on Saturday, December 2nd from 10-2 p.m. Living Arts gallery is located at 307 Reconciliation Way in downtown

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