Professional social network Kimseen to launch in January

Professional social network Kimseen, founded by entrepreneurs Emir Ekşioğlu and Berk Anıl Ünal, is set to launch later this month.

The startup, based in Türkiye, is looking to disrupt an ecosystem historically dominated by LinkedIn.

Kimseen is application that enables users to receive all the needed biographies and information of the people near to them. Different to LinkedIn and other products on the market, the app was designed from founding to be about creating new relationships among the people who don’t know one another.

Co-Founder Berk Anıl Ünal

Said co-founder Emir Ekşioğlu, “We can be in special places at any time for both business and entertainment. For example, as a journalist, I wonder if there are media professionals in the places I visit. Kimseen is one such application. No matter where you are, at any restaurant, hotel, at a convention you attend, you can see and communicate with people in the same industry or the industry you are interested in.”

“Of course, everything depends on the permission of both parties. I think there will be very important collaborations through Kimseen” added the entrepreneur.

In addition to Emir Ekşioğlu and Berk Anıl Ünal, entrepreneur Talip Ekşi and engineer Çağlar Çakar round out the team.

Kimseen’s application will be released on Apple Store and Google Play in January of 2024.

With over a billion users using professional business networks, the market size for Kimseen is large, and the startup is tapping into a number of growing trends for new platform adoption.

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