Pushpa Actor Jagadeesh CONFIRMS Threatening Woman Who Died by Suicide

Here’s what exactly happened when ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ actor Jagadeesh admitted to blackmailing a junior artist who committed suicide on November 29th, 2023.

Pushpa Actor Jagadeesh CONFIRMS Threatening Woman Who Died by Suicide - Investigation On!
Pushpa Actor Jagadeesh CONFIRMS Threatening Woman Who Died by Suicide – Investigation On!

Actor Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, who played Kesava, Allu Arjun’s character’s friend in Pushpa, was taken into custody on December 6, 2023. He was arrested for threatening to post his alleged GF’s intimate pictures on social media. According to reports, he lived with this girl, who ended her life on November 29. Jagdeesh was under investigation for allegedly abetting his girlfriend to commit suicide. The ‘Pushpa’ actor has now confessed to the crime.

What is The ‘Pushpa’ Actor Jagadeesh’s Case All About?

Earlier this month, Jagadeesh was arrested by Punjagutta police, taken to court, and then sent to Chanchalguda Central Jail. A young female artist had committed suicide by hanging and her father filed a complaint with the police. The investigation revealed that she took her own life after Jagadeesh blackmailed her with pictures of her with another man.

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‘Pushpa’ Actor Confesses to Blackmailing

Following questioning, TV9 reported that Jagadeesh admitted to his wrongdoing. He confessed that he took the pictures with malicious intent and used them to blackmail her. He also revealed that he was envious of her relationship with another man. Despite knowing the woman for five years, they parted ways after his success with Pushpa. However, his jealousy led to the blackmail and ultimately her tragic suicide, resulting in his subsequent arrest.

Jagadeesh Taken Into Custody

Upon receiving news of the suicide, the police approached the crime scene and sent the body for post-mortem examination. The Punjagutta police immediately began investigating the case. After the investigation, Jagadeesh was taken into custody and brought before the court. He was ordered to be in remand for 14 days, following which he admitted to the crime.

Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari made his debut in 2018 with the movie Nirudyoga Natulu. He later appeared in the 2019 film Mallesham and the 2020 film Palasa 1978. He gained fame for his role in the 2021 film Pushpa: The Rise, where he portrayed Keshava, the narrator of the story. He received praise for his performance in the film and was set to reprise his role in Pushpa: The Rule.

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