Reebok Announces Collaborative Partnership with Multifaceted Artist Tobe Nwigwe

In a dynamic move, Reebok, the iconic sports culture brand, unveils a multi-year partnership with artist, actor, and visionary Tobe Nwigwe. Recognizing Nwigwe’s unique journey from football standout to global superstar, Reebok aims to expand its legacy of collaborating with leading hip-hop artists. The partnership introduces the Reebok by Chukwu collection, showcasing co-designed footwear and apparel starting in 2024, blending fashion and lifestyle elements and further establishing Reebok in music and fashion.

Hailing from Houston, Tobe Nwigwe, a first-generation Nigerian-American, faced a career-ending football injury during his senior year at university, prompting a profound life pivot. Embracing his faith and the belief in “make purpose popular,” Nwigwe evolved into a global phenomenon. Beyond his musical success, he has made waves in film, fashion, and philanthropy, notably founding TeamGINI, a Houston-based non-profit supporting local youth in finding their purpose.

“I’m honored to partner with a brand like Reebok that represents so many iconic moments in culture and possesses timeless designs that have spanned generations. I can still vividly remember fighting with one of my best friends in middle school over who could first get their hands on the latest Question drop,” said Tobe Nwigwe, Reebok’s newest brand partner. “I’m excited to bring my point of view and join our worlds together to create something truly special.”


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Reebok CEO, Todd Krinsky said, “Collaborating with creatives and hip-hop artists has been an integral piece of Reebok’s heritage since we became one of the first sneaker brands to do so in the ‘90s. We are thrilled to continue this legacy and partner with a true creative visionary who is not only helping to define the next era of the genre, but is also leveraging his passion, drive, and talent to create positive change. Tobe is coming in with incredible energy and a strong point of view on fashion and culture and I can’t wait to see how this translates into his upcoming collections and work with us.”

Through this collaboration, Nwigwe and Reebok will amplify the impact of TeamGINI, extending their mission-driven work. The first limited-edition capsule collection, ‘Reebok by Chukwu,’ will be released in Fall 2024. Follow @Reebok and @tobenwigwe for more information on this exciting collaboration.

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