Revolutionizing Art with Sustainability: Camm Solutions Partners with MemoriesForArt for 3D Printed, Eco-Friendly Astronaut Buddha

HAMBURG, GERMANY – Newsaktuell – 31 January 2024 – Camm Solutions ( has developed a globally scalable alternative to plastic and plastic packaging that is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. The patented CAMM material contains zero microplastics, toxins, or eternal chemicals. CAMM has the potential to halve plastic waste globally. UN Organisation UNIDO defined it as global solution for microplastics.

The Astronaut Buddha made of the sustainable CAMM material/ Photographer: Matthias Nebus

The Astronaut Buddha made of the sustainable CAMM material/ Photographer: Matthias Nebus

MemoriesForArt (MFA) is a visionary media brand and a global platform for the digitization of art. By leveraging the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and an extensive network of art collectors, crypto whales and NFT enthusiasts, MFA aims to provide a unique platform for artists to share their talent with the world (

The cooperation starts with a meditating “Astronaut Buddha”, symbolizing adventure, mindfulness and sustainability. The astronaut is formed as a physical sculpture out of the CAMM material using a 3D printing process. In addition, MFA will launch the Astronaut Buddha as a Non-Fungible Token.

“We are delighted to partner with MFA,” says Nanda Bergstein, Managing Director Camm Solutions. “Our core business is the replacement of conventional plastics in the areas of e-commerce, logistics and packaging. This cooperation offers a wonderful opportunity to use sustainability to appreciate artistic achievements.”

Axel Hesse and Matthias Nebus see the cooperation as strategic step towards realizing their vision of a sustainable art world. “Connecting physical and digital art through blockchain technology and NFTs is the beginning. With the use of the CAMM material, we are sending a strong signal for environmental protection in the art world,” say the two founders.

The limited edition of the astronaut will be available on the website of from 29.2.2024.
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