Rica Peralejo Thinks Unfollowing People On Social Media Is All About *Protecting Your Peace*

As the Internet goes crazy whenever celebs unfollow significant people in their circle, Rica Peralejo gets real about it.

In a post on Threads (IG’s text app), Rica posed a strong case that sheds light on why unfollowing people is not a petty thing at all. “To unfollow people on socmed is not immaturity. It is an issue of control,” she began in her post.

For the former actress, the act of unfollowing someone on any of your social media accounts is a way of ending the cycle of abuse or oppression. She mentioned examples of when one would have experiences with abusers or gaslighters whom they follow on the Internet.

“It is an act of agency. Especially when we unfollow abusers, gaslighters, or people we associate with the root of our oppression…” Rica continued.

Rather than looking at it as the act of just disassociating one’s self with ex-partners or former friends, it’s about protecting your peace. One is simply guarding your mental, physical, and emotional self. It is an empowering move that sets clear boundaries. She strongly noted, “It is then an empowering practice to say, even in a small way, that “You cannot do this to me anymore.”


Rica’s post comes after the recent news that Kathryn Bernardo had finally unfollowed her ex-boyfriend Daniel Padilla, over a month after their viral breakup. One of her closest friends, Alora Sasam, earlier removed Daniel as well from her IG following. Kath and Daniel dated for over 11 years. 

Rica Peralejo says unfollowing on social media is not a sign of immaturity

During the onset of Kath and Daniel’s separation rumors, Andrea Brillantes, who was reportedly involved in the 11-year couple’s split, allegedly unfollowed Kath on Instagram.


Just days before Kath’s unfollow news bit, Sarah Lahbati was also found unfollowing her husband Richard Gutierrez, and his family on Instagram. The couple has been rumored to be solving controversial marriage woes, however, both of their respective families’ recent social media behavior has stated otherwise.

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Rica’s post also appears to be a reminder for everyone to look beyond the idea of celebrities unfollowing celebrities—because, at the end of the day, they are also people who go through a lot of difficulties that the Internet does not witness.

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