Rising Artist Nicole Dash Jones Continues To Cement Her Stance in the Music World

Nicole Dash Jones has truly made her mark on the global music scene with her exceptional track, “Change the World,” featuring KC Lights. This captivating song has resonated with listeners all around the world, accumulating an impressive 9 million streams on Spotify. This achievement is a clear indication of Nicole’s extraordinary skill and her knack for connecting with people all around the world.

Nicole’s impressive career in the music industry is defined by her successful partnerships with renowned individuals in music production and songwriting. One of them is Matt Schwartz, a well-known music producer, songwriter, and mixer (YUNGBLUD) Schwartz is widely recognized for his impressive body of work spanning different genres. His portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned artists such as Massive Attack and Yomanda, and he has produced chart-topping hits like “Hide U” by Kosheen. His exceptional ability to create hit songs in various genres has established him as a highly sought-after figure in the music industry.

Nicole has had the privilege of working with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, a highly influential collaborator in her career. Jerkins, a Grammy-winning producer, has established a strong reputation for crafting monumental hits like Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” and Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.” Her exceptional ability to produce records that have shaped generations showcases the level of talent Nicole has collaborated with, solidifying her reputation in the music industry.

Nicole has also left a lasting impression with the melodic dance track “Heartbreak,” a collaboration with Mblack, where she demonstrated her skills as both a songwriter and a featured singer. This track, along with others, showcases Nicole’s remarkable versatility and her effortless ability to adapt to different musical styles.

As Nicole Dash Jones prepares for the release of her highly anticipated single “Sad Songs” and her upcoming album “Girl of the Year,” she introduces an important individual in her musical journey. In collaboration with record producer Mher Fillian (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato) & Tim Jeanneret (Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Founder Bloom Creative.) Jeanneret’s participation in these projects showcases Nicole’s ongoing growth as an artist and her dedication to pushing the limits of her musical expression.

“Change the World,” Nicole’s collaboration with KC Lights, showcases her immense popularity on a global scale. The song’s incredible popularity on Spotify and its frequent airplay on prominent radio stations like BBC Radio 1 and Sirius XM, demonstrates Nicole’s ability to connect with a wide audience. Nicole’s track has made its mark on some of the most prestigious dance stages around the world, including Creamfields and Ibiza’s renowned clubs. This solidifies her position in the global music scene.

Nicole Dash Jones’ story goes beyond just a collection of successful songs and high-profile partnerships. It’s a tale of an innovative multi-instrumentalist who finds inspiration in iconic figures such as Lennon, Dylan, and Bowie. With her impressive skills on various instruments and a wide range of musical influences including pop, rock, soul, RnB, and dance, she has carved out a distinct position in the industry as an artist who is both versatile and innovative.

As Nicole Dash Jones continues to make strides in her career, anticipation is growing for her upcoming projects, “Sad Songs” and “Girl of the Year.” With a proven history of achievements and a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of music, she is poised to continue making a lasting impression as a renowned figure in the global music scene. With her incredible talent, Nicole goes beyond just making an impact on the world. She ignites a spark in others, encouraging them to pursue their own creative passions. Her influence spans across different musical styles and time periods, leaving a lasting legacy.

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