Seminar to talk art and business

OWNER of the Imaginarium, Melinda Muscat, will be at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on Saturday leading a free seminar about art and business.

The session will run for three hours and include information for artists on completing paperwork, applying for grants, liaising with galleries, running workshops and other aspects of business.

Muscat came up with the idea for the seminar after noticing a gap in local artists’ knowledge.

“I notice quite often artists didn’t know how to connect with each other or what resources are available in Ballarat for them,” she said.

“It’s about even knowing how to price their artwork, what galleries there are here and all those sorts of questions.

“We’re trying to cover the background of being an artist, not the creative process.”

Guest speakers like Art Gallery of Ballarat curator Julie McLaren, municipal Creative City coordinator Tara Poole, and playwright Marty MonStar will talk about specialist areas throughout the seminar.

Muscat said she hopes attendees will get a better understanding of the business side of being an artist and feel more confident in their knowledge.

“I hope that attendees make some connections and are aware or more resources available to them in Ballarat,” she said.

“I also hope it gives them some help in being able to talk about these issues.”

The seminar will take place on Saturday 20 January from 2pm and to register a free place visit the Art Gallery of Ballarat website.

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