Social network’s ‘nighttime nudge’ to warn teens it’s time to log off

A POPULAR social network has added ‘nighttime nudge’ alert from 10pm to warn teens it’s time to log off and go to sleep.

Tech giant Meta is rolling out a fresh bedtime initiative for young users aiming to curb excessive late-night scrolling on one of its apps.

Meta is launching a new feature that will reduce screen time among teens
Meta is launching a new feature that will reduce screen time among teensCredit: Alamy
The social media giant has introduced a 'time for a break' feature on Instagram
The social media giant has introduced a ‘time for a break’ feature on InstagramCredit: Reddit / @Aggressive_Gate6281

The social media giant announced that it will introduce nighttime nudges for teen accounts in a bid to encourage them to log off.

Users will be advised to “take a break” after 10 minutes on the app late at night.

The warning will pop out on Reels and DMs to remind users to close the app and go to sleep.

Teens will start to see a notice that says: “Time for a break?” followed by the message: “It’s getting late. Consider closing Instagram for the night.”


Phone owners will start seeing the nudges after 10pm automatically.

In a bid to effectively keep teens away from excessive screen time, they won’t be able to turn it off.

App developers said users can’t opt in out out of seeing them.

However, they have the option of simply dismiss the nudge and continue using the app.

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Instagram already has a similar feature aimed at reducing user’s time on the app.

It follows TikTok‘s initiative last March to roll out a similar feature to remind users when it’s time to put the phone down.

The “Take a Break” feature shows teens full-screen reminders to take regular breaks from scrolling down.

It also includes a “Quiet Mode” feature that lets users mute notifications and to notify others when they are unavailable for a block of time.

Meta previously announced it was planning to limit the type of content teens can access on Instagram and Facebook.

Accounts will automatically be restricted from seeing harmful content – including self-harm, graphic violence and eating disorders.

It comes as wrapped for Instagram has been removed from the app store just two months after being released.

The new app that went viral earlier this week claimed it could let users see who viewed their Instagram profiles.

Now, it has vanished from the app store entirely after Meta said it asked Apple to remove it.


Meanwhile, people realised there’s a hidden Instagram button that instantly boosts your selfies.

It’s designed to make it quicker to upload stuff – and also uses less of your data.

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