Supporting Small Woman Artists

If you were to ask someone who their favorite artist is, chances are they would respond with someone listed in the top 100 across the globe. While mainstream popular artists are almost always good choices, there are many underground musicians just waiting to be discovered. Here are songs from five woman artists with under 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.   

“strangers” – Katie DeMartini  

As the smallest artist on our list, with around 200 monthly listeners, Katie DeMartini is slowly but surely breaking into the music scene. While all of the singles she has released are worth listening to, “strangers” is a quintessential indie pop hit with a mellow sound. There is no better way to relive your favorite indie movie moment than by going for a late-night drive and blasting this song out the windows. 

“24/7” – ANI

A part of the music scene since 2020, ANI has been growing as an artist with over 8,500 monthly listeners. In her first EP, released in 2021, “24/7” is a funky tune with a lo-fi melody great for relaxing. If you are looking for a new song for your studying or morning routine playlists, this song is the perfect addition. 

“What You Know” – Ali Dineen

A storyteller at heart, Ali Dineen is a folk artist from Queens, New York with around 1,400 monthly listeners. Her most popular song, “What You Know,” is a piano ballad that relies heavily on American folk influences to achieve its unique sound. With its simple harmonies and instrumentals, this song is a great listen for anyone interested in expanding their musical taste towards the folk scene. 

“Wine Song” – Nicole Amine

Performing on the Detroit music scene, Nicole Amine is a folk-pop artist with over 3,050 monthly listeners. Her first single, “Wine Song,” is an old-fashioned melody welded together with a modern guitar sound. If older music is more your style, this song is the perfect bridge between a modern folk hit and a vintage acoustic sound. 

“Love for Her” – Luisa Wilson

The final artist on our list, Luisa Wilson is an artist residing in New York City with over 8,400 monthly listeners. Her most recent release, “Love for Her,” is an R&B ballad filled with intense heartbreak and unrequited love. Influenced by the Memphis music scene, this song and artist are ones to listen to on the R&B scene in the future.

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