SZA Reveals Forthcoming Paramore Collaboration: “It’s In The Works”

SZA and Paramore’s Hayley Williams have been vocal about their admiration for one another, with the 34-year-old singer revealing that they are working on a record together.

The SOS artist appeared on Apple Music’s TikTok on Tuesday (Jan. 30) to answer some “burning questions.” At one point in the video, she is asked if a collaboration between herself and the popular rock band is ever going to happen. “Yeah!” she said emphatically. “Soon! Soon! It’s in the works.”

Williams expressed how much of a SZA fan she was back in October 2023, and was open about her interest in working with the Top Dawg Entertainment signee. “I’m such a fan of her voice. And what I love about her voice is that she can easily slide around genre as well,” she told Rolling Stone in a then-unreleased part of their interview. “Like she has plenty of songs throughout her catalog that feel very alternative to me and feel a little bit Strokes-y, in a way. She just has that thing.”

Hayley Williams believed that she and SZA could “write any type of song, and it would be cool,” though her preference is something more along the lines of alternative music. “We’ve talked back and forth about it for a long time,” she said. “We both get really caught up in whatever we’re doing at the moment. But I f**king worship her regardless. I just think she’s wonderful.”

It couldn’t come at a more perfect time either, as the 24-time Grammy nominee stated during the Apple Music interview that “F2F,” the alternative record on her December 2022 album SOS, became her favorite song to perform on tour.

Check out “F2F” below to get a glimpse of what a future SZA and Paramore record could sound like.

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