The Famous Grouse unveils limited-edition bottle design in collaboration with the RSPB in celebration of their 15-year partnership

The Famous Grouse, the UK’s No.1 whisky, has unveiled its limited-edition bottle design in celebration of the remarkable 15-year collaboration between The Famous Grouse and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Starting in 2008, the partnership with the RSPB has helped to plant 150,000 trees, improve 85,000 acres of land and, most importantly, create new homes for grouse.

The limited-edition wrap has been designed by Edinburgh-based artist and animator Nuria Boj, whose works combine dense, highly detailed compositions with vibrant colours, dimension and movement. Taking inspiration from the iconic illustration by Phillipa Gloag – daughter of The Famous Grouse founder Matthew Gloag who drew the very first Grouse which adorns every bottle to this day. Boj has re-imagined the bottle design in her signature vibrant style whilst still incorporating The Famous Grouse logo, the landscape from Abernethy (home of the Grouse) and Gilbert, who features on every bottle.

For 15 years, The Famous Grouse has partnered with the RSPB to protect grouse habitats all over the UK. This limited-edition release tells a story of shared values, environmental stewardship, and a dedication to protecting our feathered friends.

Commemorating the commitment to wildlife conservation, the back label proudly displays the RSPB logo alongside a heartfelt copy underlining the 15-year collaboration. It also features a QR code offering an interactive experience for drinkers to learn more about The Famous Grouse-RSPB partnership. By scanning the code, enthusiasts can delve into the rich history and shared initiatives that have marked this decade-and-a-half-long commitment.

The bottle marks the first limited-edition wrap created with the RSPB and artist collaboration for the brand as The Famous Grouse seeks to warm the hearts of existing consumers while recruiting new consumers into the category. This is further supported with the new Berry Forager serve suggestion, inspired by the Scottish countryside. Consumers can visit to find out more about the RSPB partnership, Nuria Boj, and the sleeve recycling recommendations.

Joakim Lejion, global brand director for The Famous Grouse, says: “The collaboration between the RSPB and The Famous Grouse is one that marks 15 years of shared dedication to wildlife conservation in Scotland. Launching this limited-edition bottle commemorates a truly momentous milestone as we aim to captivate the interest of whisky and wildlife enthusiasts alike and show our pride in contributing to the ongoing support for a worthy cause that we hold close to our hearts.”

Seonaid Mason, Fundraising Manager for the RSPB Scotland, shares this excitement, stating: “RSPB has been thrilled to work with The Famous Grouse for over 15 years to protect species and habitats across the UK. Our most recent partnership focuses on restoring nature in the heart of the Cairngorms from the forest floor to the moorland tops and will benefit a wide range of wildlife including Black Grouse, Capercaillie and invertebrates. We hope to continue working together to protect Scotland’s most important species and habitats.”

The Famous Grouse limited-edition bottle will be available at all major supermarkets from 1 January 2024, whilst stocks last for an RRP of £17.75.

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