Timeless Vapes partners with Phoenix muralist Tato Caraveo

Cannabis collaborations with influencers are nothing new.

Celebrities from Mike Tyson to Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have entered the industry with boutique cannabis products and merchandise. But in Arizona, Timeless Vapes is expanding the parameters of collaboration in pursuit of the company’s three pillars: community, culture and legacy.

In October, Timeless partnered with Bacanora’s Chef Rene Andrade to develop a limited-edition cannabis strain called Puro Amor. Created to recall the citrus of the Sonoran Desert, Puro Amor was layered with the rich sweetness of Mexican vanilla and the floral notes of Arizona tarragon.

“We really wanted to incorporate that culture and feel that (Andrade’s) curated at Bacanora,” said Ben Garcia, brand manager for Timeless.

The partnership with Andrade was a successful leap for Timeless, which has built a brand on collaborations with artists through its Artist Legacy Program.

Founded in 2019, the program has worked with 16 artists to create unique packaging, strains and even a golf club.

“A lot of these collaborations come from relationships that I’ve built over the years,” explained Josh Rhodes, Timeless’ artist liaison. “It’s a very organic process, and nothing is forced or just done because it’s something to do. These are all projects that everyone enjoys doing together.”

An artist in his own right, Rhodes is a maker, illustrator and painter based in Phoenix. His knowledge of the Arizona art scene has turned him into a vital art curator for Timeless as he continues to help expand the Artist Legacy Program.

“I look for artists who have made names and established themselves but are still emerging. The goal is to help them build a legacy. You know, we’re part of their legacy, and they are a part of ours. So that’s why I call it the Artist Legacy Program,” Rhodes said.

So far, Timeless has partnered with artists including Phoenix muralist Ashley Macias, Miami muralist Tati Suarez and Paris-based graffiti artist Remio.

click to enlarge Glowing skulls adorn a limited-edition flip case and battery combo for Timeless.

Tato Caraveo’s recognizable glowing skulls adorn a limited-edition flip case and battery combo for Timeless.

Timeless Vapes

Gravitating toward surreal skulls

For the company’s latest drop, Rhodes turned closer to home to work with celebrated downtown Phoenix muralist Tato Caraveo.

A lifelong Phoenician, Caraveo’s work epitomizes the colorful and sometimes surreal vibe that is the nation’s fifth largest city. His eye-catching murals can be seen in the alley behind the Churchill and in multiple locations on Roosevelt Row.

However, when it came to partnering with Timeless on the creation of a vape flip case and packaging, Caraveo had to think on a much smaller scale.

“I’ve been getting a little more used to doing stuff on a smaller scale. But I still find it a little challenging, trying to design something that’s going to be on a package or whatnot. I work better obviously painting larger, but this was a good challenge,” Caraveo said.

Working with Rhodes, Caraveo was able to develop a pared-down version of his surrealist glowing skulls — a series he began developing five years ago.

“I started doing these surreal skulls that are glowing, and Josh really gravitated toward those. So I took my Timeless design from one of my earlier paintings and then developed it,” Caraveo said of the creative process.

The recognizable glowing skulls now adorn a limited-edition flip case and battery combo for Timeless, along with stickers, pins and a car sun shade. Caraveo also worked with Timeless cultivators and lab technicians to create a bespoke strain called Sweet Tooth, which is featured in the company’s live resin terpenes vape cartridge line Noir.

Caraveo said the collaboration has helped bring his art to a new demographic and even led to new commissions.

“People who normally wouldn’t see your art are now seeing it. It’s great publicity for an artist. I haven’t run into very many cannabis companies looking to partner with artists on their branding, so what Timeless is doing is pretty awesome. I think it’s very beneficial for both parties,” Caraveo said.

Apart from promoting local artists, the Artist Legacy Program also is making strides toward destigmatizing weed consumption by creating artful accessories that whisper, rather than shout, cannabis.

Timeless currently sells apparel and various tchotchkes that are branded with the artwork from previous collaborations. Noticeably missing are large cannabis leaves and traditional cannabis imagery, making the accessories universally appropriate for all adults.

“Innovation is something that we definitely are looking toward. We haven’t seen other cannabis brands partner to do a strain that was so focused on the flavors of an award-winning chef’s creations. We’ll continue to try to push those boundaries because we want to be the first ones to the party — not following in everybody’s footsteps,” said Kyle Webb, Timeless’ vice president of marketing.

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