Vorwerk Sponsors Development of Wuppertal Art Museum

In celebration of its 140th anniversary, the Vorwerk Group has committed to a long-term funding project for the Von der Heydt Museum, which hosts a renowned art collection for the city of Wuppertal. Internationally famous for its collection of 19th century works and acclaimed exhibitions, which currently features Pablo Picasso and Max Beckmann, the Von der Heydt Museum is now looking to expand its reach through a digitalization strategy that will reach younger audiences. Vorwerk’s three-year sponsorship, which began in 2023, will provide the museum with 150,000 euros ($164,000) to pursue this new approach and ensure future viability. 

“As a company with deep roots in the city and close ties to the Wuppertal region for over 140 years, we are delighted to be marking our anniversary by supporting the important work of Wuppertal’s Von der Heydt Museum,” said Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl, a member of the Vorwerk Group Executive Board. “Culture is an integral part of our identity. That’s why we are passionate about participating in cultural projects. As a corporate group, we also count in a way as a ‘citizen’ of the city, and as such, we want to contribute to the great civic movement that has always supported the Von der Heydt Museum.” 

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