What happened to Sleep Token? Member’s identity reportedly doxxed as popular band wipes social media account

British progressive metal band Sleep Token has wiped out their Instagram page, leaving fans concerned. News outlets recently confirmed that the rockstars made the drastic move after one of the members’ identities was doxxed. When writing this article, they have not addressed the incident publicly. Nonetheless, fans took to the internet to express their shock over the occurrence.

For those uninitiated, Sleep Token is a famed alternate metal, post-rock, and progressive metal band. They garnered massive traction after releasing their debut EP, One, in 2016. Since then, they have released numerous albums, including Take Me Back to Eden, This Place Will Become Your Tomb, and Sundowing. At the time of writing this article, they have amassed over 500K followers on Instagram.

Recently, the band removed all their Instagram posts and left an ominous bio on the social networking site: “Nothing lasts forever.”

According to Loudwire, a netizen alleged that the birth certificate of one of the band members, III, was leaked online. Not only did III deactivate their page, but the band proceeded to remove all their posts in support. Other members’ Instagram pages remain as they were.

The band was known for their anonymity, and fans were unimpressed by the incident. Many took to the internet to express frustration over the event.

“Just enjoy the music and leave it at that”: Netizens express anger after Sleep Token member allegedly gets doxxed

Fans of the Ascensionism crooners were troubled by the matter. Many expressed outrage over the identity of the Sleep Token member getting leaked. Others shared memes that mirrored how they were feeling. A few tweets read:

As many believed that III was doxxed, others speculated that the band was releasing a new album, as it is not abnormal for singers to wipe out their social media accounts to tease a new era of music. It remains unclear as to what exactly happened.

What is the band up to at the moment?

As Sleep Token faces the alleged doxxing occurrence, they are also preparing for their upcoming Australian tour in April. They will also make their U.S. appearance on April 27 in Las Vegas’ Sick New World festival. Details about their upcoming performances are available on their official website.

According to Legit, Sleep Token includes the lead singer Vessel with other members- II, III, and IV. The website revealed that Vessel worked on a solo project called Dusk before joining the band. He was also previously a writer for Sick Chipse. Before becoming the lead singer of Sleep Token, he was also a member of Black Canopy.

II is the band’s drummer. He has played for numerous other bands, including Morbid Remands, As Winter Burns White, and Belial. III is the band’s bassist. IV is the band’s guitarist. A few backup singers and former band members are Mathilda Riley, Lynsey Ward, Paige Lucip, Annina Melissa, and Jasper Lyons.


Fans of the band now await the members to address what happened to III’s Instagram account and why they chose to wipe out their Instagram page.

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