Who are the biggest artists in the world in 2024?

Who’s the most popular music artist in the world right now? Check out the cross-platform best-performing artists in January 2024.

Here are the artists racking up the most streams and gaining the most new fans across the music world in 2024. As an artists gets more follows and listens on Spotify and Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, SoundCloud and other streaming platforms, and the better they perform on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and across the rest of social media, the closer they get to becoming the biggest artist in the world.

Since we checked the rankings in November last year, there’s been a fair amount of movement amongst the top 10. Taylor Swift is still the number one best-performing artist, after overthrowing Drake last year. The most popular male artist is Drake at number two.

Bad Bunny dropped five places, from number three to number eight. Eminem climbed from eighth to fourth. Nicki Minaj replaces Dua Lipa at the number ten spot.

Any surprises here amongst the most popular artists in 2024?

The number one biggest artist

The number two biggest artist

The number four biggest artist

The number eight biggest artist

The number five biggest artist

The number six biggest artist

The number nine biggest artist

The number three biggest artist

The number seven biggest artist

The number ten biggest artist

The data is based on Chartmetric’s cross platform performance analysis, which takes into account the artist’s overall reach with listeners in terms of listens, views and consumption, and how many followers the artist has in their fanbase across the web.

Who’s your number one artist in 2024?

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